What is Copper Village?

Located at handicraft centre area, Copper Village is one of the pioneer of handicraft marketing made from metal, such as copper, brass and almunium.

Copper Village established on April 20th, 2013 until now. Copper Village born from a young guy who worked and learned copper’s things from the master for over 5 years. Getting started with a passion, the owner of Copper Village resigned and decide to build his own business.

Copper Village came out from its location, Village mean kampung and Copper mean tembaga, in Indonesia we called it “Kampung Tembaga”. Why copper village? Because we are the one and only village in Indonesia which its people mostly work making copper stuffs

Our mission is to help the craftmen to level up their life and also giving the best service to the customers and clients without reduce the quality itself.

Vision? So simple, let us make Indonesian handicraft have a place in the world.

Welcome to Copper Village, a place where you can get all you need with a best service in the town.

Copper Village, a good product with a good services.